Island of Hallucination


Of the main participants involved, Richard Gibson is the only one currently alive.  With Ollie Harrington who died at age 83, Gibson, currently living in the United Kingdom, would be the only other to live through old age.  

His friend from Philadelphia who paved his way to settling him Paris and who would later denounced him to the French authorities in the “L’affaire Gibson”, William Gardner-Smith, died at the tender age of 47.



Richard Wright, about whom the epicenter of the Paris conspiracy universe would evolve, lived to a mere 52 years old.  James Baldwin, who would return to the Unites States to ferment his legacy, died at age 63.  It appears that the age of the black American expatriate writers of the fabulous 50s was indeed one of a muted lifespan.  Could the stress, treachery, inter-espionage, and betrayals on Ile de France have had such a reductive effect on lifespan of the main characters?

The Island affair - The story of intrigue among the African American expatriates in 1950s Paris

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