It is the spectator and not life, that really mirrors art
…Oscar Wilde, 'The Picture of Dorian Gray' 

Welcome to EalyMaysArtWorks.com.  Here you will find the works of one of the most prolific African American artist, the Texas born and Paris-based Ealy Mays. This selection includes current masterpieces as well retrospectives from a body of over 35 years as an artist painting in the United States, in Latin America, in the Caribbean, and throughout Europe.  Your choice of paintings, prints, postures, puzzles, memorabilia, T-shirts, collectibles, accessories, and illustrations, is only a click away. 

EalyMaysArtWorks is a celebration of black contributions globally to the arts and to literature.  African American art form underlies much of the global popular culture today.  From Rap to Hip-Hop, from Jazz to Rhythm & Blues, from Gospel to fashion, much of the today's popular culture has evolved from the talented among us, which include the writings and arrangements of our songwriters, producers, choreographers, playwrights, and novelists, and the painting and sculpting of our artists. 

In shopping EalyMaysArtWorks, you are purchasing a piece of the American experience – the works of the man from Texas whose outsized and eclectic compositions and art narratives have mesmerized Mexicans in Mexico, Austrians in Vienna, Finns in Lapland, Cubans in Havana, the British in London, Germans in Frankfurt, Stuttgart, and Berlin, Italians in Milan, South Africans in Cape Town, Russians in Moscow, and the French all throughout France. 

One of the few American artists to have is work attached to the Louvre in France, Ealy Mays' Migration of the Super Heroes was featured in the 2005 Carrousel du Louvre exhibit.  He was again featured in the Carrousel's exhibit in 2007. His Submarine series is a group of carefully sculpted mix media on wood submarine replicas, the result of a fascination with submarines since grade school.  The Conscious Commentary series reflect the artist and social critic on major geo-political issues.  In 2008 when Mays depicted drones attacking innocent children on a beach in "The Drone Dancers", drones were an after thought for those who even knew what they were.  His Latino series speak to the nuances in the long relationship between The United States and Mexico.  The African Americans in Paris series depicts African Americans in Paris over a 200-year period.  The Russian series include a set of narrative paintings that point to the irony of the rise in Russia's capitalistic culture and America's struggling democracy.  His Mammy series attempts to contextualized the often-objectified image.  Likewise, he paints Jockey Boys as a tribute to the first winning jockeys of the Kentucky Derby.  Recurring signature elements of Ealy Mays' art narratives include the wishbone (aspirations), blue watermelon (element not naturally occurring in nature), mousetraps (pitfalls), and the omnipresent Horus Eye (someone is watching).

We also present you with a Historical Repository, which reminds and celebrates the wider literary and artistic accomplishments of African Americans for over 300 years, much of which occurred in slavery.  Art inspires the soul and enlightens current and future generations.  It documents our existence and will serve to announce each generation's presence to the succeeding.  It is through works of art that an artist expresses the world around him/her – its past, its present, and its future.  Our painters, like our actors, singers, musicians, and other performers, reflect life in despair, life in triumphs, triumphs over adversities, success, failures, happiness, sadness, family, loyalty, betrayal, love, hate, and forces of good over evil and vice-versa.  They paint nature in its natural forms reflecting much that has occurred, is occurring, and is likely to occur around them.


EalyMaysArtWorks features influences from a life spent in Latin America, the Caribbean, Europe, and in every corner of the United States.  The gallery reflects the richness in the artist's evolution in varying cultural settings and his ability to observe, retain, and comment on the issues, whether socio-economic or geo-political.  The collections are culturally varied, deep, and rich.  Hardly will you find an artist as prolific, as imaginative, as worldly in his subjects and themes covered, and compositions.  The painter is neither a graphics designer nor a copywriter.  Her/His talents do not lie in the beautification of images or the application of appropriate language.  She/He paints what is experienced - felt, seen, heard, touched, tasted, imagined, or subconsciously derived or inspired.

We hope you and your family will enjoy experience of the selections and offerings that we have put together for you.  We encourage you to take a look at the Historical Repository as you shop EalyMaysArtworks, and look at the selective issues in our BlogSpot as well.  Look out for announcements of speaking engagements, shows, and exhibitions in your neck of the woods.  On your next visit to Paris, look up Ealy Mays.  You will find him in the 6th district, and he will be happy to give you a tour or lecture on the rich legacy of African American artists in the city of lights since the mid 1800s. 

Please take the time to leave us your comments / suggestions for improvements to the structure of your shopping experience. 

Welcome to Ealy Mays Artworks

Celebration of over 150 years of Black Literary and Artistic development in Paris

Here you will find the works of one of the most prolific African American artists. Based in Paris, France, this selection includes current masterpieces as well retrospectives from a body of over 30 years as an ethnic artist painting in the United States, Latin America, the Caribbean, and Europe. Your choice of paintings, prints, posters, postcards, puzzles, memorabilia, T-shirts, collectibles, accessories,and more, is only a click away. Read more

It is the spectator and not life, that really mirrors art”  The Picture of Dorian Gray …Oscar Wilde

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