Mammy Contemporary Art: Gumbo Mammy ©

Title: Gumbo Mammy
Type: Oil on Canvas
Year Painted: 1983
Dimensions: L48.75" (124 cm) W 36.75" (93.5 cm)
Price: $1,500 - Also available in prints and memorabilia

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Tribute to New Orleans cuisine. Queen of the Cajun, Creole, and gumbo z'herbes. New Orleans Mammy with gumbo recipe in the bag - shellfish, fish, crabs, tomatoes oysters, hot peppers, etc.

Most every family in New Orleans has its own unique gumbo recipes.  Creole gumbo generally contains shellfish, tomatoes, and a thickener.  Cajun gumbo varies but often has a dark roux with either shellfish or fowl.  Cane River Creoles make a gumbo focused much more on filé. Sausage or ham and vegetables might be added to gumbos of either variety, along with spices.  A third, lesser-known variety, the meatless gumbo z'herbes, is essentially a gumbo of slow-cooked greens sometimes thickened with roux.



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