Conscious Art: What if there is life on Mars? ©

Title: What if there is life on Mars?
Type: Oil on Canvas
Year Painted: 2010
Dimensions: L 73.3”(186 cm) W 54.5”(138.5 cm)
Price: $30,000 - Also available in prints and memorabilia

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Imagine life forms on Mars in the form of super sized ultra intelligent Amazonian type black women who rule the red planet and exist on aquifer-based water sources.  Real Martian towers over the foreign invaders and attentively observes.  Robots in the background reflect the various attempts and forms of Mars explorations for hundreds of years since the invention and development of the telescope in the 1600s.  The illusive search for signs of life on Mars continues, as we believe there is life form to be discovered. 



Social commentaries through a selection of mixed media, oil, and acrylic figurative paintings by Paris based contemporary artist and social critic Ealy Mays.  

Ealy Mays

6 rue Christine 
75006 Paris

USA Contact: 
Paul Sinclair      

+ (1) 347 399 0860


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It is the spectator and not life, that really mirrors art”  The Picture of Dorian Gray …Oscar Wilde

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