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Conscious Art: A Savior is born ©

Title: A Savior is born
Year Painted: 1995
: Oil on Wood
Dimensions: L 37”(94 cm) W 29.5(75 cm)
Price: $20,000 - Also available in prints and memorabilia

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Backdrop is Harlem New York.  A child pushes a grocery trolley in the background. Beaten down black men line up for food in a soup kitchen.  Very little dignity can be felt in the neighborhood. Suddenly, from nowhere, a dignified news seller, well dressed in suit and tie and a nice coat, appears amid the depravity to announce a slither of hope for his people.  It is good news to be told to the multitude, in an almost “return of Christ-like fashion”. He brandishes the newspaper he is selling to announce the arrival of a new savior, The Prophet Elijah Muhammad.



Social commentaries through a selection of mixed media, oil, and acrylic figurative paintings by Paris based contemporary artist and social critic Ealy Mays.   

Ealy Mays

6 rue Christine 
75006 Paris

USA Contact: 
Paul Sinclair      

+ (1) 347 399 0860